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First of all, thanks to come to my blog. In this blog, I will reveals some guides to you guys who playing LOTRO. Most of the information in this blog I get from another websites and I copy and paste to this site. To be honest, I'm not one of the players and I just know little about the game. I hope, this website will help you guys to get better achievement in LOTRO...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Comparison Between LOTRO and WOW

Audience/community: This game targets both LOTR fans and MMORPG gamers in general. While Turbine intended to shoot for a more mature audience for Lord of the Rings Online than is present in World of Warcraft, this is only partially the case. I have encountered immature and annoying people in LOTRO just as I do daily in WoW. The Middle-Earth community as a whole is more mature, but that will change if LOTRO can ever rival WoW's popularity.

Control: This is LOTRO's biggest downfall. While the interface is very accessible and combat is relatively easy to perform, the action lacks the fluidity that WoW has. The characters are somewhat stiff and awkward as they fight--something from a game like this until a couple years ago. It is not enough to seriously hinder the game, but it is a significant drawback for anyone who plays WoW.

Gameplay: The gameplay is excellent. Not only are there more than enough quests to go around, there are also side objectives called Deeds which don't give your character experience but which do provide for added customization. Depending on how you spend your time (exploring, killing many of a certain type of enemy, etc) you can earn "traits" and titles for your character which can be used to make him or her all your own. Traits go beyond the typical talent points acquired through leveling--they give your character bonuses through charity, wisdom, and other such attributes. You can also earn titles for your character, from such things as "Wolf Slayer" to protector of such and such a town. This is a great aspect of the game and certainly adds to the enjoyment of creating and building a character.

The game features professions which are about what you'd expect from an MMORPG. They are enjoyable and easy to get the hang of. One area this game does fall a bit short in, though, is player vs. player combat. PVP takes place through "monster play," which just isn't quite the same as all-out PvP with your own character.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are absolutely gorgeous, and certainly one of the high points of the game. The landscape and terrain, the towns and cities, the water...everything is just pristine.

Storyline: This is another of LOTRO's strong points. There are many interesting storylines in each area as well as an "epic" storyline which is basically a quest chain that has more far-reaching consequences in Middle Earth than the "go kill some of those wolves" variety. As your character grows and progresses he/she becomes more valuable to the overall cause of Middle Earth.

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