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First of all, thanks to come to my blog. In this blog, I will reveals some guides to you guys who playing LOTRO. Most of the information in this blog I get from another websites and I copy and paste to this site. To be honest, I'm not one of the players and I just know little about the game. I hope, this website will help you guys to get better achievement in LOTRO...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to make serious Lotro gold quickly

What is the currency used in LOTRO?

Lord of The Rings Online Gold comes in three denominations: Gold, Silver, and Copper. 100 Copper = 1 Silver 1,000 Silver = 1 Gold How do I know how much Lotro golds I have? You can check how much Lotro Gold you have by bringing up the Character Journal panel (Pressing the C key). Character Panel shows your available cash.

How do I make lord of the rings online gold? You can earn Lotro Gold by completing quests, looting coins off humanoid enemies, selling items you loot from enemies and chests, or even by selling crafted items. How do I know how much money I will get from a quest? You can tell what the rewards will be given upon completion of a quest by checking your quest log (Pressing the L key). Quest log shows the quest completion reward. How do I craft items? You can make items like armor, weapons, food, and many more by taking up a Crafting Vocation.

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