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First of all, thanks to come to my blog. In this blog, I will reveals some guides to you guys who playing LOTRO. Most of the information in this blog I get from another websites and I copy and paste to this site. To be honest, I'm not one of the players and I just know little about the game. I hope, this website will help you guys to get better achievement in LOTRO...

Friday, February 6, 2009

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Lotro gold is the name for the currency used inLord of The Rings Online. It comes from monsters, NPC's, quests, vendors and other players. The best way to make plenty of Lotro gold is to sell items to players. There are certain items like weapons that players need and are willing to buy from other people because of the high prices in stores. Another way is to farm items from quests or monsters and sell these at vendors. This may be a tedious process, but over time your lotro gold can add up greatly.

Lotro Lord of The Rings Online gold, power leveling

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