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First of all, thanks to come to my blog. In this blog, I will reveals some guides to you guys who playing LOTRO. Most of the information in this blog I get from another websites and I copy and paste to this site. To be honest, I'm not one of the players and I just know little about the game. I hope, this website will help you guys to get better achievement in LOTRO...

Monday, February 23, 2009

LOTRO : Mines of Moria Guide

Having difficulties forging your legendary item? Have you been playing for weeks and still find yourself no where near level 60? Look no further, all the answers to your questions are available in this Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria guide. Get ready to make your way through Middle-Earth and the Mines of Moria like never before imagined. Equip your character with all the best items while confidently navigating in and between maps. Questing? Leveling? Gold making? The LotRO Mines of Moria guide makes them all much more interesting and exciting.

Highlights of the LotRO Mines of Moria Guide:

•Get from level 1 to 60 fast with a proven step-by-step leveling path

•Learn the art of forging and managing your unique items

•Discover crafting specialization, the techniques and details on crafting guilds

•Make informed character decisions with a full list of traits, skills and abilities

•Quest walk-throughs to get you through the hundreds of quests you will encounter

•Take advantage of the featured monster play artifact control information

•Barge into group instances equipped with insider's tips and strategies

•Unlock the techniques to earning a massive amount of lotro golds.

Step-by-Step Leveling Guide: Get the leveling guide featured in the LotRO Mines of Moria guide to get your character from 1 to 60 within a few days. The leveling guide takes you into a whole new facet of leveling. If time is your main priority, why wait? The Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria guide can get you to 60 much faster than you can imagine.

Item Forging: New to forging? Cut the extensive learning process short with the detailed know-how provided in the Lord of the Rings Online MoM guide. Not only will you get the basics but also suggestions and input to forging your legendary item. With the amount of detailed information available, you'll never again regret a single item you created.

Crafting Specifics: Feel like it you took forever to master crafting and then all of a sudden there's even more crafting details to take in? Let the LotRO Mines of Moria guide help you. Whether you're looking for recipes, information on crafting specialization, deciding on joining a crafting guild or in need of crafting tips, find them all in the LotRO MoM guide.

Traits, Skills and Abilities: Not sure in which direction your character is heading into? Want to know all the traits, skills and abilities that will be available to your character as you progress on to level 60? Find out your options from the LotRO Mines of Moria guide. Why make character planning based on assumptions when you can get the abilities, skill details and other information all in one go.

Questing: The journey throughout Middle-Earth is all about questing. Find your way around the Mines of Moria without having to waste time on a wild goose chase. With the quest walk-throughs depicted in the Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria guide, you can use your time wisely. Instead of running around, spend time completing quests one after another.

Artifact Control: Wondering what artifact control is all about? Check out the artifact control information and how it works with PvMP in the LotRO MoM guide to get you started. Make use of the tactics and recommended strategies offered in the guide and show off your achievements.

Insider's Battle Strategies: Want to perform well in group instances? Whether you're going in groups of 3 or more, the Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria guide offers proven strategies and game play to ensure your winning chances for all group sizes. Become that one character that everyone else either envies or wants to invite into their group.

Gold Making Techniques: Use recommended gold making strategies available in the LotRO Mines of Moria guide to earn a massive amount of lotro golds. Never again regard owning expensive items as wishful thinking. Get everything you want, spend on everything you need and still have more than enough gold in store for repurchases.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

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